Monday, 9 September 2013

Le Rouge Chanel: Collection Allure Moiré

Chanel finally brings your their third installment of 'Le Rouge Chanel' collection, and I must say I think it is the best yet!
This third installment is named Allure Moire and continues the collections' take on intensity, capturing the opulence of reflection and light through the shimmering moire patterns in each piece. 
Check out some of my favourite pieces from the collection before it hits the British shelves at the end of this month.

Le Vernis in 593 Rose Moire.
I am a sucker for anything called rose and this nail varnish is no different!
I love that it is a rose colour but that it is pearlescent so captures the light beautifully meaning that your nails are turned in to a statement accessory. 

Le Rouge Chanel collections would not be complete without new lip colours.
For this collection the new colours come in the form of either a pure shine, intense colour lip gloss or a luminous, intense lip colour. The intense lip colours pictured here are in shades 122 Farouche and 135 Enigmatique. They are both perfect autumn lip shades so couldn't have arrived at a better time. They are both long lasting and have a slight shimmer to them which oozes luxury thanks to the moire patterns.
The intense lip gloss pictured on top is in shade 72 controversy. It lives up to its name and draws all the attention to your lips. I am blown away from this piece and it is easily my favourite from the whole collection.

Up until a year ago I never saw the importance of using a lip definer but now I am totally addicted to them thanks to Chanel. The two new lip definers in this collection are available in shades Rose Poudre and Rose Ardent. They are great base colours to build lip colour on top of because they are both close to my natural lip colour. Using these lip liners helps to define the shape of your lips but it also helps them to take on colour better and keep it on for longer giving you an intense, long lasting shade.

Collection Allure Moire is the ultimate lady-like luxury for nails and lips this autumn.
Make sure to check back at Chanel on the 27th September to view and shop the full collection.


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