Wednesday, 11 September 2013

'Be jeweled , Be inspired' - Alice & Leon

Sydney based brand Alice & Leon have created jewelry based on love and freedom which was inspired by the couple behind it, Alice and Leon.
I came across the brand earlier this year and fell head over heels for their 'Alicia' ring after reading a post on The Beauty Room by Jess Psaila. The ring is so beautiful, it seems to draw in all the light around it and radiate making sure it is the stand out, but elegant, center piece of your outfit.

Thanks to Australian blogger, Little Black Book, I was able to get my hands on an 'Alicia' ring.
My ring is in a cool, clear blue which is inspired by Alice Springs in Northern Australia. The colour is perfect for both summer and winter and I have already worn it countless times since it arrived here in London and am sure to wear it even more. I am already eyeing up the 'Alicia' ring in olive to stack on top of my one in blue as I think those colours will work nicely together.

How beautiful is this ring?! 
If you have not heard of Alice & Leon before now I definitely recommend that you go and check them out as you will instantly fall in love with their jewelry designs.


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