Thursday, 4 April 2013

How to: D.I.Y. Ripped Knee Jeans

Before and After!

London Fashion Week was full of bloggers wearing distressed denim.
I love this slightly grungy trend to make for a casual day time outfit, old jeans are just perfect comfort!
A lot of London Fashion Week street style was about ripped knee jeans so I've had a go at trying to recreate this look at home!

Personally, I'm not the best at craft and d.i.y. but this is so simple and really easy to recreate at home.
(Or if you prefer you can buy them already ripped at Topshop for £40 but these jeans only cost me £7 from Primark)
To get the perfect ripped jeans put them on and draw lines across your knee with a pencil, where you want your rips, and take a pair of scissors to them following the pencil lines and then drag a fine grater across them several times to make them look distressed and viola! You have your own pair of ripped knee jeans.

I haven't included many instructions here as the photos are enough to explain how to create your own d.i.y. ripped knee jeans
- as they say a photo is 1,000 words!

(Thanks to my brother DJ for helping out and taking the photos!)


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