Sunday, 8 September 2013

Dave & Ania's Wedding 07.09.2013 - Photo Diary

Yesterday I attended the wedding of an old friend. It was a great day and instagrammed every moment that I could.
The wedding was held at Melbourn Baptist Church with the wedding lunch held next door in a marquee. The evening reception was then held down the road at Cambridge Motel. Despite the rain towards the end of the day, it was great!
It has got me all excited to plan my own wedding, even if it is still two years away. I admire Sheep and Ania as they had under a year to plan and book the whole wedding whilst Ania was in her last year of university - I could never do that so I admire the fact that they did.

Hopefully the next two years will fly by and my wedding bells will be ringing soon.


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