Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Brands: Objets de Désir

"A new online boutique representing emerging artists and designers from across the world."

Today I want to give you a little bit of information about a new and upcoming online boutique, Objets de Desir.

(Firstly I am a sucker for anything French so I am in love with the boutique's name)
The online boutique was started by Rachel Drake who loves all things fun, unique and beautiful so this was the driving force behind setting up a boutique to showcase emerging designers from across the globe.
Rachel herself handpicks all the designers and artists that go online at the boutique and they are all exclusive and not available on the high street. Items from Objets de Desir range from home ware to lingerie and from art to jewellery. 

Here are 3 of my favourite designers currently available on Objets de Desir:

Rachel Loves Bob
I love the statement jewellery from Rachel Loves Bob.
It is perfect for the upcoming party season but would look great with a day time look too.

Sophiesho is all about unique, handmade home ware.
I especially love her range of cushions as they would look great on my sofa or on my bed. Cushions are the ultimate comfort and with her stylish home ware range they are a must for any house.

Iris London

There is nothing more confident and sexy than a matching pair of underwear, a killer lingerie set.
With Iris London I love the way sheer and silky materials have been used to create lingerie worthy of any woman's dresser. 

To check out the full collections from these three designers and to check out many more then website Objets de Desir's website as the only way to get your hands on these unique pieces is to buy online from the boutique.
If you happen to be Bristol based then keep on eye out for their pop-up shop coming to Cabot Circus next month.


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