Sunday, 22 September 2013

Instagram Sunday #37

New Coat. Sushi Blues. Mish-mash breakfast. Selfie. Cute drinks. Joe Malone Store. Street Performers in Kingston. Mastered Scrambled Egg. Hair-spiration.

This week has been a mish-mash of summer and autumn weather and has been really busy and then really quiet - it's one of those odd weeks. 
I spent my time half at work and half catching up with friends by running across London. You would think it would be a pain having to always get the tube but I love London and all its different parts so it's kind of fun, you would think after 3 years I'd be bored of that.
Also, recently I have been thinking of going for the chop (hence the last selfie above - it's not real). I have always had long hair and I do love my long hair but I feel that this is all a new chapter in my life so change is on the cards.
Speaking of change, it is now officially Autumn and next week is the last week of September and my last week of Liliyang, I am looking forward to the change and new season.


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