Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Primark Gym Clothing

I'm not normally one to endorse Primark because I don't think their quality is that great but I had to share with you my most recent buys.

I've recently got back in to jogging and realised that I did not have many gym clothes.
I wanted something cheap that I can buy in bulk as I tend to go through exercise phases so did not want to commit to high end gymwear.
Behold, I was in luck when I entered Primark.
I was browsing around in Harrow and thought I would see what Primark had to offer.
I was pleasantly surprised. I got a pair running trousers (probably spanx but hey) and two crop tops for £8!

I went for a test jog in them earlier and they were great.
They did not loose their shape at all, did not go see-through, were comfortable and kept everything in place.
And best of all they were flattering and slimming - added bonus!
I'm going to go back to Primark to stock up on some more. I will wait until the weekend and go to the one of Oxford Street East because the store is much bigger so have more variety of gymwear.
I'm pretty sure they have bright pink sports bras so I'm sold on that already.

See, pretty flattering aren't they?
(Trying to not sound too vain here)


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