Friday, 9 August 2013

Beauty Review: Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser

The Product: Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser by Organic Surge
The Look: Nourishes, conditions and re-hydrates the skin
Works Well On: Dry, sensitive skin
Verdict: Where has this product been all my life? Full of skin loving ingredients such as organic rose geranium essential oil, which smells great by the way, this moisturiser is a beauty must if you have dry skin like me. For years I have struggled to find a good moisturiser but now I have found it.
The product is a rich, heavy rose scented cream that is untouched by harsh chemicals that are often found in beauty products. It is super nourishing and hydrating leaving your skin soft and supple. 
Whilst this product is great for me if you have oily or combination skin then unfortunately you should steer clear of this product but Organic Surge have another daily moisturiser that is perfect for you and that is their blissful daily moisturiser.

This is your skin's best friend!


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