Friday, 17 May 2013

Wedding Apps - My Top Five

With today's society being technology obsessed I thought I would share with you my top 5 wedding apps.
This means that everything can be done on your phone or your tablet whilst on the go if you are busy like I am.



This app is a virtual wedding planner.
I of course have a paper wedding planner, it is very cute, but I am more likely to check my phone rather than the book.
This app reminds you of all your wedding tasks that need doing and when.
Simply pop in your wedding date and it will generate everything that needs to be done between now and then and on what day.
My next task is to research venues and determine a budget by September and it will remind me closer to the date.



This app is all about wedding inspirations.
It allows you to search a vast database for inspirations about everything you can possibly thing of.
You may think you know exactly what you want or you may not have a clue at all, but this app is helpful to all and I can assure you that at least one inspiration will be taken from here and included in your wedding.
What is good is that the app allows you to store your favourited inspirations meaning you can always go back at a later date and print off the photos.


Vera Wang Weddings

I am in love with this app from Vera Wang.
Okay, like many, I cannot afford a beloved and infamous Vera Wang gown but there is no harm in using it as an inspiration.
The app includes its own wedding planner which alerts you each week what you need to do.
As well as this the app includes inspirations for a weeding style as well as a few tips.
It's always nice to dream about a wedding and I'm sure you can recreate some of these luxe looks but for a cheaper price tag.


Wedding Cakes

This app is not as helpful as the others mentioned but I just love it.
I have a sweet tooth and love my cakes, especially cupcakes.
This app allows you to browse designer cakes and it helps to give you ideas about your own.
It is cake heaven to me!


Brides App

Condenast Brides have created this app to help plan your wedding.
It is not a wedding planner, more of a guide to give you tips and ideas.
It also comes with a sneak peek of the bi-monthly magazine too!
(which you can also download on your phone or tablet, though I prefer the hard copy)
What I love about this app is all the articles and features included.


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