Thursday, 2 May 2013

Elemis Freshskin: Review

Just under three weeks ago I received this package from Elemis.

For a while now I have been trying to find the perfect skincare products to create a simple and easy daily skincare routine as recently I've been so busy that I don't have enough time to pamper my skin as much as I like; also the busy life has been affecting my skin too!
Thankfully I have found the answer to my problem, Elemis' Freshskin range!

Elemis' Freshskin range is their skincare range targeted at younger skin, so for anyone in the teens to their mid-twenties.
The new target has meant that Elemis have created products that are suitable for young skin and address our skin problems; a lot of brands don't focus on age groups, unless for the over 50s, so it means that our skin concerns aren't properly addressed - but all of this has now changed!

Each product in the range contains active ingredients such as elderflower, goji berry and geranium that, combined with skin kind bases, help to prevent damage and boast the skin's elasticity for longer looking youth. I particularly love the smell of the products, especially the daily mositurser which reminds me aromatherapy massages and facials because of the rosehip oil - the ultimate pamper ingredient for the skin!

Face wash and daily moisturiser - plus how nice is the Elemis branded tissue paper?!

I have been using the face wash and daily moisturiser for 3 weeks now but I already noticed a difference instantly.
My skin is very sensitive and normally reacts to face wash products but as soon as I applied Elemis Freshskin face wash my face did not tightened or go red that is usually does. Instead it left my skin feeling relaxed and hydrated.
Adding the daily mosituriser on top of this was a bonus because it helped to soothe and moisturise my skin and left it feeling silky soft.
(The moisturiser isn't too heavy so if you have oily skin then it is still fine to use)
Both products are great and are now a part of my skincare regime.
For anyone in their teens or early twenties I definitely recommend that you give Elemis Freshskin a try as it truly has made a difference to my skin and in under a month as well!


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