Friday, 22 February 2013

Designer to Know: Isa Arfen

Fun yet elegant!

Quirky cuts, lavish embellishments and feminine materials from Isa Arfen is the perfect way to achieve a nonchalance look, perfect for this season. Each piece from Isa Arfen is unique and individual but compiled together it creates a subtle streamlined look. You should make some space in your wardrobe for her.

The new label, Isa Arfen, marries together the traditional Italian design aesthetic with a London kick. This comes from the founder of the label, CSM graduate, Serafina Sama; as well as graduating from the renowned CSM she has also worked for big desginers such as Marni, Marc Jacobs and Chloe. Isa Arfen was founded in 2011 after Serafina left working for Chloe in Paris and came to London. It started with Serafina designing a small collection of one off garments that she sold exclusively to friends. After these sold out almost instantly she spent the next year working on expanding the initial ideas behind these first garments in order to create a larger collection that she could sell from her own label; this was achieved in her Spring/Summer 13 collection.

The idea behind the label is to create a wardrobe of pieces that can be combined and  interchanged with one another to create a sophisticated, desirable look but also a look that is relaxed. (Something that can be hard to achieve but something that the label Isa Arfen has). This is probably because of the type of woman that an Isa Arfen woman is; an Isa Arfen woman is a real woman, someone who is sophisticated and confident but also someone that is passionate about clothing and likes to have fun. To me this sounds like this is every woman and this is why Isa Arfen is a design house to watch over the next 3 to 5 years because soon everyone will have her garments in their wardrobe.

Isa Arfen definitely has a space waiting in mine!


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