Sunday, 24 February 2013

Christchurch Harbour Hotel and Spa

Recently I visited the incredible Christchurch Harbour Hotel and Spa and I just have to share with you all the details about my visit.

I visited the hotel and spa on the Thursday just passed with Josh. As soon as I arrived at the hotel in the early afternoon I was greeted by friendly and delightful staff. Straight away I knew that this day was going to be a wonderful experience. Firstly we were shown to the lounge area whilst we watched for the dining staff to make the finishing touches to our table; they offered us complimentary drinks whilst we were waiting for afternoon tea. The afternoon tea itself was taken in the Harbour Restaurant. We were seated at the front of the restaurant by a huge glass window that gave us amazing views of the grounds of the hotel and out on to Christchurch Harbour. The afternoon tea was, well as most afternoon teas are, amazing!

After our afternoon tea we were taken down to the spa. The spa receptionists were lovely and gave us a tour of the facilities and handed us complimentary robes and slippers. As soon as we got down to the spa we were already hit by the sense of relaxation; everywhere you looked there were burning candles, aromatherapy oils and peaceful quietness everywhere you went. I went and got changed and then headed for the relaxation with Josh.

Josh and I headed to the small relaxation room that was created for couples. We just lay there in silence soaking up the atmosphere whilst waiting for our massages. Well we lay there in silence whilst sipping endless cups of herbal teas and eating fruit; all complimentary and part of the experience.

Any tea-lovers heaven - it sure was mine!

We were in the relaxation room for about 45 minutes, even though it felt about 10, before we were both called for our massages. Josh had opted for a full body sports massage whereas I had opted for a lighter option and went for the ESPA aromatherapy full body massage. I have to be honest I have never had a full body message before as I always thought it was a waste of money because I thought 'what more can a full body massage offer than a neck,shoulder and back massage' - fortunately my thinking was proven wrong, and I am so glad!


My massage therapists name was Amanda and she was so lovely! I tend not to share names or deatils such as this but Amanda was amazing at her job that couldn't not mention her name as she deserves the proper recognition. As soon as I entered the room it was heaven! The room was dimly lit, had sensual music playing and the oils smelt heavenly. For 60 minutes I was massaged using ESPA oils, it was such an amazing experience. A full body massage was just what I needed. It paid attention to areas of my body that I never thought needed tension relief such as my feet, palms of my hands and my scalp. At such a stressful time of the year for me this was just what I needed.

After the massage I was encouraged to drink lots of tea and water and keep the oils on my skin for a further 30 minutes so that the relaxation continued. I must admit I kept the oils on my skin for at least an hour whilst I relaxed and the loungers by the side of the pool whilst Josh went and used the gym. Afterwards the rest of the afternoon and evening was spent using the rest of the spa facilities such as the hydrotheraphy pool, sauna and salt room. After hours of relaxation Josh and I were shown back to the Harbour Restaurant where we had dinner.

The food and the service in the restaurant was in keeping with the rest of our experiences at the hotel and spa. Excellent! The waiters were friendly and were always on hand to make suggestions on the wine and food and answer any of our questions.

This luxury hotel and spa is situated in Christchurch harbour which is only a few miles out of Bournemouth. Although we didn't stay at the hotel the experience that Josh and I had there was an amazing one. I would definitely recommend that if you are in the south west of England that you should visit the Christchurch Harbour Hotel and Spa either for a spa day, dinner reservation or a weekend package. It truly is perfect for relaxing and unwinding from the stress of a busy life.


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