Friday, 21 September 2012

Uniqlo X Grazia

Yesterday I took the day off work to recover from London Fashion Week. In the evening I decided to meet up with some friends on Great Portland Street for coffee before they go off to university this weekend. After our coffee we decided to take a stroll down Oxford Street, as we usually end up doing, and we stumbled across an event in the Uniqlo store. The event was the Uniqlo X Grazia event.

The event was all about introducing Uniqlo's new collection and offering a never before seen 20% discount on the night. This event was apparently invitation only but me and my friends somehow managed to get in to it.

In order to enter the event and shop the 20% discount the Uniqlo team had to stamp your hand with a kiss - I love this idea as I've never seen a kiss shaped stamp before. This stamp played well with the theme of the evening - New York Fun Fair. As soon as we arrived at the event we were greeted by the staff and were given cocktails that were served in glass jars with stripped straws that reminded me of the spiral slides at funfairs. After this we browsed the new collection and snacked on the miniature ice cream cones being served and popcorn from the popcorn machine; my favourite miniature ice cream was the toffee apple flavoured one and I loved the salt and cracked black pepper popcorn.

(rum based cocktails served in the glass jars - all fitting for the New York Fun Fair theme)

(Miniature Ice Cream)

(The Popcorn Stand)

As Well as the fun fair based treats and things there was a nail and massage bar upstairs on the first floor - However, I arrived too late so I couldn't get my nails done which I was gutted about because they were using nail foils at the nail bar and I am currently obsessed with nail foils.  I wasn't too keen on getting a facial either so I just watched others.
On the evening I didn't buy anything from the new collection because I wasn't planning on going to this event but my friend did. She bought a pair of jeans but because she is small they were too long for her. However, Uniqlo offer to do alterations on their products so my friend got her jeans pinned and altered. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Uniqlo offered this because no other high street store does and I think that this is a good idea. I am now off to pick up my friends jeans for her so hopefully the alterations have turned out well.

I had a fun evening at the Uniqlo X Grazia event and I will definitely attend their future events.


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