Friday, 21 September 2012

Luxury for the lips

I always swear by Vaseline for any problems with your lips or skin.

A few weeks ago, during Fashion's Night Out, Vaseline launched their annual special edition tin at the Selfidges Beauty Hall. Due to being ill I missed Fashion's Night Out and I thought I would miss out on this special edition treat. Thankfully the same happened as last year and Vaseline have now released their special edition Pink Bubbly tin in Superdrug, as well as still in Selfridges. As soon as I found this out I rushed to Superdrug to get my Pink Bubbly Vaseline.

Pink Bubbly Vaseline has not disappointed. Although it is £3.49 a tin, more expensive than their classic collection, I am so glad that I splurged out the extra for this. This product is truly luxury for the lips and does what it says on the tin. I love the smell and colour of this Vaseline as it is a rose pink, my favourite colour. It also actually contains a tiny amount of alcohol meaning that it does have a slight taste of pink champagne - Perfect!

This is a definite beauty must have of mine for the A/W season.


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