Friday, 28 September 2012

Beautiful Brows

In my East London Flat we are currently obsessed with our brows!
(I never used to be until I borrowed my friend's eyebrow pencil a couple of months ago - now I'm hooked)
I've always been interested in my eyebrows because I've always thought that they were one of my best facial features, after my summer freckles, but looking back at this I can't imagine being without an eyebrow pencil anymore. I think it can be quite hard to find an eyebrow pencil that suits you but I think I have found that perfect one.

I am a huge advocate of Soap and Glory already because I use their bath and body products but I was a little bit weary about any cosmetics that came from there because this isn't their forte. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome because the product did what it was supposed to do; it defined my brows.

Soap and Glory's Arch de Triumph is a duo eyebrow kit that will turn your boring brow into a beautiful, defined brow, here's how:
1. Shape: begin at the 'inside' point of your eyebrow, using the taupe end of your pencil, and trace the natural shape of your eyebrow making sure you use light feathery strokes so not to miss one part of your brow and have another part too dark.
2. Highlight: Using the highlighter end of the duo pencil trace the natural shape of your brow bone just under the peak of your brow.

3. Highlight Continued: Using your index finger smudge the highlighter in to your brow bone to lift, light, accentuate and shape your brows. (Also use a pair of tweezers to pluck away any small stray hairs)

4. Hello Beautiful Eyebrows!

                                              (Before)                                                 (After)

I have been using Soap and Glory's Arch de Triumph eyebrow pencil for a week now and I am not disappointed. I love that the pencil is easy to use and it gives a great result time after time, giving a well defined but natural looking brow. The only problem I am having with it at the moment is that my eyebrow pencil sharpener is too small for the Arch de Triumph so it has become very blunt. However, this small problem can be overcome easily and other than that I'd definitely recommend using this eyebrow pencil to define your beautiful brows.


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