Sunday, 4 March 2012


The fashion world would get no where without its models.

In general, not a lot of people recognise that models are working girls; they just see them as people who pose in front of the camera, get to wear great designers and labels, and walk up and down a catwalk. Yes, this is part of the model life but it is so much more than this. It's a career, a profession; people dedicate their life to working as a model.

Now a days there are tons of working models scattered all of the world. Don't get me wrong this is great. But what happened to the days when there were just a few keys models that represented the face of fashion for the whole world - take me back to the models of the 1990s.

My favourite? - Kate Moss of course.

Kate Moss was at her peak in the 90s, glorifying 'heroine chic'.

Over the years she has graced many covers from Elle to Glamour and has been at the forefront of many campaigns from Burberry to Calvin Klein underwear to Topshop. She is the pinnacle of a true working model and how it was her life. She owned and made it.

Today, I have been looking back at her career and one editorial has stood at to me the most; it's genius. The editorial in question is the spread in French Glamour from April 1992, I was only 2 months old when this was originally published. I love this editorial though, it is in trend with 2012, it has fabulous lingerie, big blow dried hair, pretty pastel dresses and of course a panda. Also, I think this editorial shows a different side of Moss. It shows a naive innocence that is ultimately attractive and sexy to the reader. I think this is completely different to her recent work over the past 10 years and it's good to see that Moss in this way can still be viewed and remembered. She is truly a performer, in her element here.

These photographs above are some of my favourite from the editorial in French Glamour 1992.


All hail the Moss.


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