Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Age Aware Beauty Regime: ARK Skincare

Getting your skincare regime correct is one of a girl's biggest missions in life, just like finding that perfect pair of jeans! Everyone's skin is different and with our busy lifestyles will all have our different concerns and queries so one product cannot be suitable to every woman in the country. However, ARK skincare have found the perfect answer to all our queries - their age awareness skincare products. Whether you're in your early twenties like myself or have recently retired, ARK have a range of products that will solve all our concerns.

Ark Skincare has been creating beautiful products since 1998 but in 2009 they created their signature age awareness range that had been scientifically developed for 4 years prior. The Age Prepare range has been created to protect younger skins and to prepare them for the eventual onset of ageing so it perfect for me.

I have been using the Age Prepare Cleanser every morning and evening now for the past 3 weeks and I have already seen a difference in my skin. It cleanses the skin from a build-up of sebum and de-greases the surface to reveal radiant skin. Also it includes extracts of white tea and vitamin E that have antioxidant properties that keep the skin looking young as it reduces the appearance of skin damage and ageing. Not only is my skin looking a lot more clear it had left it feeling supple and radiant all day long. I have also integrated in to my routine an ARK toner and primer too. 

With using all ARK products it means that my skin has adapted to a routine and I can get the best results possible out of the products; the hydrating toner is a refreshing partner to the cleanser. It's a fine mist that adds moisture to the skin and refreshes you thanks to the wild water mint and aloe vera. The new anti-ageing primer is probably my favourite. Although you might argue that at my age I don't need anti-ageing products, I would recommend this to anyone, any woman of any age. The primer includes UVA and UVB filters that help to prevent sun damage, which is a part of ageing, and includes active antioxidants that help to prevent early signs of premature ageing. What I also love, aside from the anti-ageing side, is that it smooths out my skin, leaving it soft and radiant and provides a great base for my foundation and makes it last longer.

Every woman needs to find her perfect skincare regime and ARK has done that for me and can for you too.
If you are interested in Ark's latest products or simply want some skincare advice then get in contact with the lovely ARK Angel Sue Ardley!


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