Sunday, 9 June 2013

Instagram Sunday #22

New commitment to TIW. More unpacking. Accessories at the Liliyang shoot. Elle arrived. Life of a Liliyang intern. New Tatou film is finally here. Popcorn. Chanel beauty post. My bosses flowers at work that she kindly gave me.

Been a busy week in the life of B.
I have only just finished unpacking today, so so bad!
Work wise we had a photo shoot on wednesday which was AMAZING. But you'll all have to wait a few more weeks until you can see the shots.
With RMF: Fashion Finds, I have been catching up on my reading and started getting back in to blogging again. This week was a post about my beauts Chanel samples and over the next few weeks I will have similar things coming up.
As for the rest of today I am going to do some pilates and watch re-runs of the oc in my oh-so-fashionable onesie.
Until next week instagram.


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