Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Okay so anyone who knows me well knows that Gabrielle Aplin is my current favourite artist.
I discovered her youtube channel about a year and a half ago now and have followed her ever since.
As the past year has gone on she has got more and more popular, releasing her first single (which was delayed but for good reason which is next on her list), recording and releasing a cover of The Power of Love which was the soundtrack for the John Lewis Christmas advert (one of Gabrielle's dreams), and also she has recorded her first ever album which is due out in April this year.
Last night Gabrielle released a youtube video and itunes download of her song Salvation which is taken from her upcoming album English Rain. If you live in the UK the song is free to download on itunes because she is one of itunes'  'one to watch' this year.
This song is brilliant, as is all her others, and you should definitely download it now!
(link for itunes download)

(above: mixed CD from my boyfriend, Gabrielle Aplin at the JW polo, Signed single of The Power of Love)


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