Monday, 7 January 2013

Home Made Bunting

Apologies for not blogging over the past couple of days.
I have just come back home to London and I had A LOT to unpack as well as having to do work today.
But the plus is that because I had to unpack I decided to revamp my room and I made my own bunting.
So here is my how to on making your own bunting.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: fabric triangles, ribbon or string, glue, stapler and scissors
STEP 1. First of all you need to either buy some pre-made bunting fabric (or have a mum who is a teacher and had some spare ones left over). Or if not who can simply buy fabric in your desired colour/colours and cut out the shapes, it looks best when you use scissors with a zig zag edge on them but this is down to personal preference.
STEP 2: Get your ribbon and your first patch of colour. Along the first fabric triangle you want to put a line of glue around the top. Once you have down this stick the ribbon on top and cover that with glue as well.

STEP 3: Turn over the top of the fabric triangle that has the ribbon glued to it so that the ribbon is now enclosed in the fabric. Make sure you pat this down so that the fabric sticks to both sides of the ribbon. What I found also helps is stapling both ends of the triangle just to secure it.

STEP 4: Repeat process until you have the length of bunting that you require.



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