Friday, 18 January 2013

And Then Fashion Forgave...

Galliano's comeback?

Almost two years ago it seemed like the fashion world had turned their backs on designer John Galliano after he was arrested for anti-Semitic remarks in a Parisian bar along with a video being leaked of him professing his adoration for Adolph Hitler. At the time this was a high scandal that rocked the fashion world and everyone knew that Galliano's career would be over, but for how long?
Today it was announced that Galliano would return to the fashion scene thanks to fellow designer Oscar de la Renta; Galliano will be doing a three week residency with the New York designer - this may well by the most high profile work experience placement of our time yet.
Since his ousting from the fashion world 2 years ago Galliano has remained silent and out of the spotlight that he oh so loves. He has remained alienated and has apologised for his actions over the scandal two years ago. I for one am glad that Galliano has been allowed, by society, to re-enter the fashion industry where he has been truly missed - after all doesn't everyone deserve a second chance??


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