Friday, 18 January 2013

Amida Spa: Chelsea

A few days ago my amazing boyfriend treated me to a spa day for my 21st birthday. He took me to the Amida Spa which is located in the Chelsea Harbour Club. It was a perfect day of relaxation there!

On arrival at the Chelsea Harbour Club we were shown down to the spa where we were greeted and welcomed by the team. We filled in a little booklet so that they knew what our body and health concerns were before we started any of the treatments. After this we were shown around the facilities and then taken to the changing rooms where we were given robes and sandals to get dressed in to as well as complimentary towels.

We spent the morning relaxing on the heated beds that lay next to the pool, as well as going for a swim as well. (Well Josh did go to the gym at some point during the morning but I spent my time on the heated beds reading the latest copy of Elle magazine whilst I waited for him to finish being a man). 

What was perfect about our time by the poolside in the morning was that it was very quiet. There were a few other people in there with us but most of the time it was silent. This was great for me because what I was after was a day of tranquillity  peacefulness and relaxation.

Shortly after midday both Josh and I had booked in to have a massage each. This is what I was looking forward to the most because I do enjoy body massages but this was the time that I needed one as I was already stressed with being back at university for my final term. At just before 1 o'clock we went to the main spa reception where we were both greeted by the lovely girls who were giving us our massages. Each girl then took us to our individual treatment rooms and gave us time to take off our robes and get comfortable on the massage table.

I loved everything about the treatment room that I was in. The lighting was low, which was perfect for the mood, and the room was heavenly scented with essential oils. My massage was a back, neck and shoulder massage and lasted for 30 minutes, eventhough the time went so quickly! I was thinking to myself 'oh, she must be getting round to the 15 minute mark now so I must be half way through the treatment' but in fact she was near enough done. The time went by so quickly because I was so relaxed that I got carried away with the sounds and smells of the room that I lost track of all time. After my time was up I felt so relaxed and I honestly did not want to get up and go and have lunch in the restaurant at the club. (I wont talk much about lunch but what I will say is that it was really tasty and also healthy too.)

After lunch Josh and I went back down to the wet spa as we thought we would try out the different rooms that were situated along the poolside as well as trying out the hydrotherapy pool. The hydrotherapy pool was really relaxing for just sitting it in as it was a nice warm temperature but it also had a hydro jet for you to stand with your back against - it was surprisingly therapeutic having gushing water begin fired at your back.
My favourite part of the spa day though has to be all the different rooms situated along the poolside. The three rooms that were there was the sauna, the aroma room, and the salt inhale room. Each of these rooms were different but I enjoyed using all three; the aroma room was a warm dark room that had essential oils burning in it so was very relaxing and I probably could have stayed there all day; the salt inhale room was slighter hotter than the aroma room at 45 degrees but it did not feel like this because the room was very moist which is perfect if you have dry skin like me as it helps to leave your skin feeling hydrated, even after 10 minutes!; the sauna, as everyone knows, is really hot and dry. I was fine in there and could have stayed in there for may be 45 minutes because I love the heat but Josh couldn't have been in there that long. We spent around 30 minutes in each room, making the most of what each one had to offer. What was advised by the spa therapists was that after using each one of these rooms you were to go over to the ice chute and rub ice all over your body. At first I was nervous about doing this as ice is really cold! But I braved on and after the first room I approached the ice chute. I have to admit that although the ice was really cold and I dreaded rubbing ice all over my body I thoroughly enjoyed doing it! The reason the spa therapist said to do this is because the coldness of the ice on your body after being in these hot rooms is really good for your blood circulation and for making you feel better.

Although we didn't experience all that Amida Spa has to offer both Josh and I were really pleased with the spa day and it really was the perfect birthday present for me. For anyone looking for an amazing London spa that is excellent value for money then I would definitely recommend the Amida Spa as you will find you can't go wrong with perfection!


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