Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The How to Guide for the Margiela x H&M collaboration

Over the past several months we have counted down the days, seen teaser shots and some bazaar video commercials but the Martin Margiela x H&M is finally upon us. The collection will be launched tomorrow on Thursday the 15th November in selected stores and online. Although this collaboration has not generated as much hysteria as previous collaborations this is the one that on paper looks the best and I'm sure it will launch a mob scene come tomorrow morning.

Here's my how to guide for the collaboration launch tomorrow morning:


Central London: 103-111 Kensington High Street, 17-21 Brompton Road, 174-176 Oxford Street East, 234 Regent Street, 360-366 Oxford Street West, Oxford Circus, H&M in Selfridges
North London: Brent Cross Shopping Centre
West London: Westfield London Shopping Centre
East London: Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre


The collection is launched both in store and online from 9:00am. However, as in the past with previous H&M collaborations there will be a popular and high demand so prepare for a crowd. Normally a good few hours before the doors are open at H&M there is a queue outside the shop with some people having camped overnight. Though I personally wouldn't suggest camping out on the streets of London in mid-November I advise that you arrive a good couple of hours early to ensure that you can get in.


The stores run on a queuing system which is why it is vital that you arrive in good time. The first 280 people in the queue will be given a coloured bracelet; there are 14 different colours for each group of 20 customers. These coloured bracelets correspond with specific time slot that you have in order to shop the collaboration; the time slot that you get is only 10 minutes with a 5 minute break in between the different time slots. If you don't get a coloured bracelet then don't worry because once all the time slots have ended then the collection is open and is free for everyone to shop. However you will not know what products will be left by then.


Since time is really limited once you have been allocated your time slot there wont be time for you to spend ages browsing all the products deciding what you want to buy. It is wise that you scan the entire 123 piece collection on the H&M website so that when you arrive at the store tomorrow you will know what exactly you want to get. It is speculated that the dresses, especially those in the campaign  will sell out the quickest as well as the nude shirt with the black bikini/bra on it as well. Also expect the shoes to be a big success; loafers, boots, and plex wedged pumps. The accessories will sell out quickly too because these are generally the cheapest part of any H&M collaboration so are bought up quickly.


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