Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Harry Rocks Jewellery

With Christmas around the corner I have started to look at ideas for my wish list, this always always includes a piece of jewellery from my boyfriend. And this year it is the jewellery brand Harry Rocks that is on the top of my wish list.

I have fallen in love with this brand and their unique pieces. I love the fact that all the jewellery is original but also very glamourous as it experiments with different colours and shapes. And I also love the nature influence in many of the pieces, it reminds me of the designs of Alex Monroe but more fun and these pieces from Harry Rocks are the perfect accessory to style up a simple outfit.

 Delilah Leaf Earrings

Eve Necklace

Personalised Initial Necklace

Harry Rocks only started up a few years ago and they have already got in to Harvey Nichols, this has to be because of the amazing design work and creativity from the founder Laura Rowan. So next time you are in Harvey Nichols take a look at the gorgeous jewellery collection from Harry Rocks or take a look on their website http://harryrocks.com.

It is definitely worth a look at and you are bound to fall in love with Harry Rocks just like I did.


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