Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pinknic in the Park

This Saturday I went to a fundraiser for the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation. First of all I shall tell you a bit about AWTF so that you understand why this charity is so important.

AWTF is a charity named in memory of Allie Wylie who sadly passed away from a form of incurable cancer in late 2010. Allie was well loved by all who met her. I unfortunately never got the chance to meet Allie but I know a few of her close friends from the Alexandra Palace Ice Rink so this is why this charity is important to me personally. The foundation was set up to support the causes that Allie herself felt most passionate about; science and performing arts are two of the key areas that the foundation focuses on. Allie loved life and was against any form of social exclusion so this foundation aims to keep her memory alive by making it possible for underprivileged young people to achieve their dreams in science and performing arts. AWTF use events like the ones I went to on Saturday to raise money for this.

The event on saturday was called 'Pinknic in the Park'; pink is the signature colour of AWTF (This is also why I was wearing pink from head to toe). There couldn't have been a better day for the pinknic in the park. The sun was shining in highgate and so many people were out in Waterlowe Park. The event was jam packed with lots of things to do as well as live entertainment. Me and my friends had a picnic and enjoyed the events of the day; my favourite part had to be looking at all the AWTF cakes that had been entered into the cake competition, they looked so tasty that I just wanted to eat them all. Thankfully Lola's cupcakes had donated 200 cupcakes for the event so I went and bought some of those instead. The day was truly a great success and I love going to the fundraisers they have because every single one of them is enjoyable and always raises so much money for such a good cause.

In all the reason I am doing this post is to make people aware of the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation and aware of the amazing work that they are currently doing; this fundraiser alone has raised £6,111.50. For more information about the foundation and their upcoming events or to make a donation please visit Also follow them on twitter @AWTF1 for the latest news.

Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation - 'A Passion For Life'


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