Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Kevin Murphy

'I'll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair"

If there is one thing that I love most about myself it is definitely my hair! For as long as I can remember I have always loved my long locks. Also for as long as I can remember I have hated getting a trim at the hair dressers in case they decide to give me an Erin O'Connor look, thankfully this hasn't happened yet! However, having long hair can be a choir when it comes to looking after it. I have managed not only a product but a whole brand that it perfect for keeping my type of hair in condition.

O.K. so I bet of background information about my hair. It is very long, flat and straight and I get it dyed at the salon about once every 2 months; this often means my hair isn't in the best condition that it could be. This means I need products that protect my hair, enhance my colour and can give me volume - all of this I have found from the Australian company Kevin Murphy.

These are the 4 Kevin Murphy products I swear by.

From Kevin Murphy I use the angle wash and rinse because it is perfect for coloured hair, enhancing the colour even weeks after my visit to the salon; it is the only shampoo that I truly believe cleans my hair 100%. One of the other products I use is Kevin Murphy's young again serum. The oil based serum protects my hair from heat and split ends and keeps it slick for days that I want my hair to be super straight. I simply apply to the mid to ends of my hair after a shower and leave it over night. Or occasionally I use it on my hair in the morning just before I am about to straighten the odd kinks out of my hair because the serum makes sure that my hair stays sleek after using the straighteners.

Kevin Murphy Young Again Serum and the affect it has on my hair.

My final swear by product from Kevin Murphy is the anti-gravity spray. The anti-gravity spray provides my hair with lots of volume. Once I have showered I partially blow dry my hair and the put my hair in rollers. Once my hair is in rollers I spritz over the anti-gravity spray and leave it over night. In the morning I wake up with perfectly volumised hair; even if I don't have time to use rollers I will still spritz my hair with the spray if I want to have volume in my hair and it still works perfectly fine. An added bonus of the anti-gravity spray is that is acts as a shine spray too so it brings your hair back to life.

Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray and the affect it has on my hair.

Kevin Murphy is a beauty product must from me.


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