Monday, 16 July 2012

Liliyang London

Recently I have fallen in love with a new brand, Liliyang.

Lilyang is a luxury goods and accessories brand that is based in London. The brand is inspired globally as it sees a unique fusion between the creative duo of Chinese Lili Yang Li and British Lucy Dyer. It is currently my favourite handbag designer. The bags themselves are simple in shape and colour but the designs themselves are intricate and this is what makes the bags stand apart from others and why they are currently a must have of mine at the moment.

I had come across Lilyang a few months ago via social media sites, such as twitter. However, it wasn't until recently that I fell in love with their designs when Rosie Fortescue's blog, atfashionforte, had linked up with the brand and created a competition via facebook for one lucky girl to win a tote from Liliyang.

I must admit that I did enter the competition because the tote that the lucky winner won is gorgeous. I have fallen in love with the bag. The bag in question is the SIANNA tote in lavender croc effect. I unfortunately didn't win this competition so I have decided to save up for the bag because I just have to have it. OR hopefully I can get a job there and use staff discount to buy it as being a student without a job makes it hard to afford a gorgeous bag such as this; students can dream.

I shall be keeping an eye out for new designs from Liliyang and fingers crossed that I shall have this gorgeous bag very soon.


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