Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Crayola launches Nail Polish Collection

Crayola, known for their colouring crayons, are getting in to the nail polish business.

Recently, beauty has been about big brights so it is no surprise that crayola has decided to get in on the act because we all know and remember Crayola for its bright, bold colouring crayons.

Without a doubt, this will attract both kids and big kids, me being one of them. The latest range will feature 8 mini nail polishes in 8 different colours ranging from deep plums and blues to glittery yellows and pale pinks. The 8 nail polishes come as a set and come in Crayola's trademark yellow and green box and cost only $12, which I assume means they are only on sale in the US if the price tag is only in dollars. However, I will try and get my hand on these because what big kid wouldn't want these in their beauty bag???

I'm just disappointed that the nail polishes aren't crayon shaped.


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