Tuesday, 5 June 2012

ISWAI - It Starts With An Idea

ISWAI or It Starts With An Idea is the fashion brand created by Caggie Dunlop, made famous for her role in Made in Chelsea (inc her relationship with fellow cast mate Spencer Matthews). Caggie wanted to get into acting, she studied at the Film Institute in New York, but singing and fashion have always been a passion of hers.

I first heard of the Chelsea 'It Girl''s fashion brand, ISWAI, on her twitter and was intrigued to check it out, although I was sceptical in doing so because I thought the brand might be tainted by the reputation of Made In Chelsea, which would ultimately destroy it.

I have to admit that after looking at the online store I wasn't blown away with the pieces that Caggie had created, this is more down to my personal taste in clothes; personally the tees are very casual and something that I would wear for lounging around in rather than wearing out as part of an outfit. Also I'm not a huge fan of crosses being used in fashion and jewellery because I feel that it is a bit sacrilegious. Though I can see the general appeal of the clothes because they have stayed true to Caggie's own style and also what she set out to achieve when she created ISWAI...

"Fundamentally it is a representation of my style- Its about self-expression, being who you want to be and escaping from conformity, not reacting to the fashion pressures and trends but creating a look that is unique and personal to you." - Caggie Dunlop, http://iswai.co.uk/the-idea/

(Feather Earcuff, ISWAI, £21.99 - pre-order - my favourite piece from the collection)

The one area that I do love about ISWAI is that Caggie has created the brand with individual style, the youth, and the idea of a community in mind; Caggie created ISWAI because she wanted to create a fashion community that every one could feel a part of. The brand is open to new designers and artists to share their ideas and help the brand to grow by becoming part of it. This is truly wonderful because it gives a chance to young people today to really get involved in the fashion world, and not the "cookie cutter" side of it; ISWAI will provide them with the chance to expand their creativity as the community of it expands - this is truly amazing and this is where I applaud Caggie becuase not many others have done this.

Caggie deserves recognition for her attempts at expanding on the fashion world; going away from cookie-cutter trends and helping the youth to get involved - I am still not sold on the actual collection from ISWAI but the idea behind the brand is one that I can't fault and I can't wait to see this brand grow over the year and see what designs they come out with in the future.


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