Monday, 4 June 2012

Elle - 'Edited by the Interns'

It is probably every fashion girls dream to get an internship at a huge fashion magazine; this dream is mine and would love a chance to get one.

Well, Elle UK are providing people with that chance.

Elle magazine always gives a new, fresh inside in to the current affairs and life of the fashion world and I always buy my copy of it every month. Elle are currently looking for a team of interns to join their team and take over their October issue, and best of all these internships are paid (something unusual in the world of interns). Being a fashion writer at Elle is a dream of mine so an internship there would help me on the journey to achieve this. However, looking at the already brewing competition it is clear to see that I am not ready to apply for it. Disappointing. 

I would love to apply for an internship/competition called 'Edited by the Interns' but it just isn't my time; also you already have to be an intern of some kind to apply for it, and I am not. Hopefully by this time next year my blog will be more successful and I will feel more confident in my fashion bloggging so that I can apply to be an intern - fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed also for all the people who are applying for 'Edited by the Interns' 2012 at Elle UK.


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  1. Ok.

    So after all I decided to enter because I have nothing to lose. I'm waiting for Elle UK to approve first of a news story I wrote and if I make it past that then it will be published on the 'News Editor' competition page, one step closer towards becoming an intern there.

    I don't actually hold up much hope for any of this happening but thought I should at least give it a try.