Monday, 18 June 2012

Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice is an organisation that are trying to stop human trafficking; human trafficking is the fastest growing crime internationally and 80% of the humans that are trafficked are done for sexual exploitation. Hope for Justice is trying to put an end to it. You can help do your part by signing the petition and raising your voice over this ....

An old family friend has recently done more than this. Up and coming fashion designer Beth Plumptre has designed a tee for Hope for Justice in order to raise support and make people aware of human trafficking. The t shirt is only £10 and the whole of this £10 goes towards the charity to help the victims of human trafficking and to help rescue people. The design is simple but yet really clever.

The design is just simple coloured flowers with the charity name under the print. However, if you look closer behind the flowers are images of bruised and abused people as victims of human trafficking. This is to symbolise how human trafficking is hidden in today's society.It also shows the idea of the hope of making something beautiful (flowers) out of something so tragic (the bruised and abused girl).

This is already a cause that I personally have supported via Church and more and more people should raise their voice and give support for Hope for Justice - the simple way to support Hope for Justice is to purchase one of the t-shirts designed by rising talent Beth Plumptre, I know that I will be buying one to help support Hope for Justice as all of the money raised by these sales will go to Hope for Justice and will help to put an end to human trafficking.


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