Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Feature Editor: Elle Intern

I recently applied to be the Feature Editor for the October Intern issue of Elle UK

My entry for the Feature Editor Internship is called 'Thinspirational should not be inspirational': I want to do an 8 page feature in Elle about how being thin and eating disorders shouldn't be inspirational and talk about the stigma that it has with the fashion world. I then want to go to the idea of fashion promoting a healthy mind, body and soul and this it what every women should strive towards. As you can see this is an important issue amongst women and in fashion today so it must be addressed. I have already done a blog post on a similar issue to this and this got featured on vogue.it but if I was to have an 8 page feature in Elle magazine I could really get this issue across to people and hopefully make a greater impact because Elle magazine is read by many in the UK (I buy it every month) - the October issue will also be promoted at London Fashion Weekend so the readership of that issue will be increased.

Therefore I need as much support as I can get so please click on the link below and get liking and tweeting - It would mean so much to get all of your support as I am really passionate about this.



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