Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Yaki Ravid

Bridal Couture Collection 2012 - 

It is without a doubt that your wedding dress will be the most beautiful, elegant and stunning dress that you will ever own in your life time. I thought up until now that I had found the perfect dress for my wedding (I am still waiting for my perfect boyfriend to pop the all important question)

I thought that all wedding dresses, apart from gypsy style, were beautiful until I saw the bridal couture gowns from the Hebrew designer Yaki Ravid - they take wedding dresses to an all time new level and I have to have one when I eventually get married: all the gowns are my idea of perfection; timeless, elegant, sophisticated and sexy.

(This gown above is the one that I have my eye on for my wedding dress)

These wedding dresses from Yaki Ravid's 2012 lookbook are honestly the most stunning designs I have ever seen and they would make that perfect wedding day so much more perfect.


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