Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Today Vogue.It created an online map that featured a variety of bloggers and their blog posts from all over the world. They all have one thing in common; it is all part of Vogue Italia's campaign to get rid of pro-Ana and pro-Mia websites. All the blog posts involved in the online map are there to help with this but also to help people feel better about their body images and make them aware of the dangers of Ana and Mia - Why have I chosen to cover this in my blog today?


One of the blog posts featured on the online map is mine...

This may sound a little bit selfish but I'm so excited that Vogue.It have included me on their online map. I feel privileged that they feel that my blog post will help others in their battle with Ana and Mia and hopefully my blog will help Vogue.It to finally shut down these pro-Ana and Mia sites which will shed a better light on the fashion industry and help stop teenage girls all over the world turn to these horrible eating disorders.


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