Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fashion Fooled

Less than a couple of weeks ago, April 1st to be exact, I read online on a few websites that HRH the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) was going to grace her first U.S. cover for a May edition.

(Kate Middleton on the cover of Tatler magazine for a special February cover edition - photograph is taken from her engagement and then edited in the style of Warhol)

By this point I was already excited. Kate oozes simplistic chic with a sophisticated sexiness about her. Also, I love the fact that she still wears many high street labels such as Topshop, Reiss, Whistles and my favourite Zara as well as wearing more expensive clothing from design houses such as McQueen and Temperley.

I carried on scrolling down the page. Reading bits about how Middleton didn't want to cover American Vogue as it was too predictable and that Harper's Bazaar was more suited to her, etc, etc, etc.

My heart then stopped when I read that she her cover and spread would be shot by none other than American photographer Terry Richardson - I'm still in love with his shoot with Kate Moss for Mango a few months ago.

This was the cherry on my cake - Kate Middleton, Harper's Bazaar and Terry Richardson - How could a girl not love this?

Today I went and searched Harper's Bazaar in search of this cover but I was only greeted with disappointment - All of what I had read was an April fools joke played by many online. The actual cover of the May edition has Penelope Cruz on it; the cover is great but when you were expecting to see Kate Middleton glorified by Richardson's genious you would obviously be disappointed.

As a history student I know that I should analyse my sources before using the information. This was such a rookie mistake - I know that with fashion I should check my sources as well but my excitement led me past this.

I have truly been a fashion fool and have been left gutted.

I am still hoping for the Princess to do a U.S. cover in the near future and when she does I will defiantly check my sources before posting anything - I will not be fashion fooled on April Fools Day again.

Lesson learned.