Sunday, 11 March 2012

In out of Space

Over the past few years the catwalk has been graced with the presence of stars, space and solar system prints. This trend my have disappeared from the likes of haute-couture and fashion designers but it has finally started to hit the high street, making this trend more affordable to the people. Last year at Milan Fashion Week (spring 11) we saw Dolce and Gabbana unveil their A/W 11 trend which feature many star studded pieces. These pieces were then later showcased all around the world with countless celebrities wearing the infamous star print.

Also, the following year Christopher Kane released a similar trend; the galaxy trend was showcased in spring 2011 as part of his A/W 11 collection - this is currently the style that is popping up all over the high street.

I have a friend who is totally in love with the galaxy print, if an item has it on it is likely that Tue has it. Though come to think of it I've only seen me and her in this wonderful galaxy print but it is without a doubt re emerging as a trend in London street style; the trend is becoming cheap to wear because it is being sold in high street stores rather than in designer boutiques. Below is a collection of some of my favourite galaxy pieces currently available to buy.

These galaxy print leggings are from the Australian company Black Milk - They have a wide collection of galaxy print leggings, dresses and skirts; this is the place to go to get the best galaxy leggings. (Topshop have some cute ones too but they don't compare) Black Milk Clothing is all handmade in Australia and is made from lycra so is stretchy durable material. I have some leggings from here, I'm in love with them. The galaxy leggings are available in a variety of colours and the prints are taken from NASA photographs of actual galaxies in space - these leggings start from $75.00 AUD or £50.45 GBP

Both this skirt and hair bow are from the site The skirt is from a boutique in New York, called Shadow Play, and the hair bow is from Crashed Hope Designs, an internet based designer through etsy.
I'm in love with this handmade skirt - it looks very similar to the Christopher Kane skirt but it is a fraction of the price; $120.00 USD or £76.60 GBP. The skirt comes in a variety of lengths and prints and because they are all handmade they can be fitted to your exact measurements if you email them. The hair bow is only $6.00 USD or £3.83 GBP which shows you that you don't have to spend loads in order to wear this galaxy trend.

These two galaxy items are from a lot closer to home, they are available to buy in shops in the U.K. so thought I'd include them. The galaxy skirt is from ark clothing; you can either buy online and get free delivery or you can get it from one of their stores. I'm in awe of this skirt - it's a beaut and a must buy. I love the shape of the skirt, I think it suits my body because it high waisted so shows off my tiny waist but also hides my big hips, slimming me down. My friend has just bought this skirt, I'm so jealous - I may have to steal it off her from time to time. This skirt is a steal because it's only a mere £14.99 - it's a bargain!
The cropped tee is by the New Zealand design house Workshop - the collaborated with topshop and made cheap items available to buy in store or online at topshop. This tee is only £22 so again it's a bargain showing that you don't have to spend loads on a trend in order to wear it.

I know the galaxy trend was 'so last year' for haute-couture and celebrities but it is coming to prominence in street style and you've got to admit it is truly out of this world.


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