Monday, 6 February 2012

"Fashion Fades" (Yves Saint Laurent)

But just because a trend fades doesn't mean that it is unimportant and not interesting. I like to keep all my used magazines from the past so that one day in the future, in like 20 years, I will look back at what fashion was all about in the 2010s; I will either take tips from what was on the runways and featured in the magazines as 'up and coming' [trends] or I will be horrified to think that I ever wore such clothes. Regardless to say, you can always learn from the past and fashion is no different.
These magazines will be kept on my shelf for a long time and then moved in to bigger boxes and placed at the back of my wardrobe until the time comes for me to reminisce on the fashion of the past.
However, I may just have a quick flick through now to remind myself of what a great year 2011 was for the fashion world.

So Fashion may fade but we can learn from this because trends to come back in the future.


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