Sunday, 15 September 2013

Instagram Sunday #36

Winter Boots are out. Free Starbucks. Streaming NYFW. Outfit Style Post. GQ Style Talk. New Blog. Apostrophe Catch Up with Tue. Caffe Concerto Breakfast. Culture Saturday.
This week has been an exciting time for RMF: Fashion Finds.
(apart from doing my day to day things) I have started work on a new blog site with the help of my brother DJ. Thankfully he is a web developer/IT genius so I don't have to do all the techy stuff on my own. This means over the next few weeks I will be slowly migrating to my new site and starting on a new blog chapter.
My blog will still be the same but will have more style posts and more lifestyle posts, I'm excited to start this so keep your eye out for the big move.
On a personal note I have slowly been bringing out my winter wardrobe and catching up with some friends in the process over warm cups of drinks in quaint cafes. Aside from this I have been catching up with Fashion Week and went to a GQ Style Talk about men's fashion with Anastasia which I will blog about tomorrow as it was interesting learning about how the other half dress.

TTFN (Ta-Ta For Now)


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