Thursday, 5 September 2013

Beauty Overload

This is just a bit of general update for my blog.
As you know I am trying to keep up my blogging as much as I can and I want to ensure you all that there are some great posts in the pipeline for over the next couple of weeks.
Today I received a lot of samples and gifts so thought I would share a few sneak peek photos of what is to come. (sorry not outfit related ones as of yet but I shall try and get back to this as soon as I get a photographer so as for now it's all beauty beauty beauty!)

These are some of the amazing new products from the latest Chanel Rouge Allure collection that is due to go on sale towards the end of the month.
I will be testing out these products at the weekend as I have a wedding to go to so expect a collection review post sometime before Monday. I am looking forward to trying the new lip lines which are both different shades of rose.

Here is my beautiful 'Alicia' ring by Alice & Leon, courtesy of Australian blogger 'Little Black Book'.
Expect to see so many snaps of this beauty in a feature soon as I am going to wear this everywhere.

And finally my ARK skincare products. I was recently contacted to review some of ARK's new products, especially the age aware products that they have for different age groups. In order to give an honest and accurate review of the new products I want to test them out for a few weeks before fully reviewing them. So far I am loving the primer the most but all will be revealed in a few weeks.


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