Saturday, 6 April 2013

Avant-Première de CHANEL

Yesterday Chanel launched their new makeup collection, Avant-Premiere de Chanel.

According to Chanel, "there are as many ways of being vibrant as there are women, and as many ways of showing it as there are lipsticks." 
This statement is the inspiration behind the three new Rouge Allure collections to be released this year;
the first one being the Avant-Premiere de Chanel.
This new lip and nail collection from Chanel is inspired by french iconic cinema, with the collection creating a bold, unpredictable and boundless femininity for every Chanel woman. 
This is in homage to the fragile grace of French movie icons by creating new semi-transparent shades that has a palette of deeper, enriched colours.

New nail vernis colours in Provocation and Paparazzi.

Rouge Coco lip colour in Amant and Rouge Coco Shine in Synopsis.

This new collection from Chanel sees old, iconic products in a new variety of shades.
I love that all the shades have some relation to either cinema or french movie icons.
A particular favourite of mine is the Rogue Coco lip colour in Amant as it is a timeless classic red with an exciting twist on the shade as I have never seen a red lip colour like this before.
Also love that it is inspired by the cinema backstage atmosphere like the rest of the shades in the Rouge Coco collection; 
the Rouge Coco Shine and Nail Vernis are all inspired by film terminology.
French cinema is a favourite of mine and so is this new collection from Chanel!

A small selection of lip and nail colours available in the new collection that are all available to purchase now.


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