Saturday, 16 March 2013

Spring Forward with Chanel

The weather in London may not be representative of springtime but that means your makeup doesn't have to be.
For me spring makeup is still something natural but with a splash of colour as the temperature gets warmer.
Today I'm going to show you have to achieve the perfect spring look with Chanel.

First of all lets start with your complexion.
Before applying your foundation it is important to use a primer. A primer is perfect for making your makeup last longer throughout the day but also it important to help moisturize and protect your skin. If you don't use one you should add it to your routine. For foundation I love to use Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua. It is an ultralight skin perfecting foundation that has spf 15 built in to it. As the sun is starting to make more of an appearance it is important to use a foundation that has spf in it so to protect you all day from the sun's rays.
I also love to use Vitalumiere because it provides a light to medium coverage and this is just what I need. I usually apply it with my ring finger rather than a brush as I feel I can get better coverage of those areas that need it and just skim past others.
Next I apply blush. Being naturally pale I prefer using blusher over bronzer because, unfortunately  I feel that often bronzer makes me look like I've used too much fake tan. Because it is spring I wanted to use a peach based blusher rather than a pink one. The powder blush that I used was 76 Frivole. Most people tend to apply blush to the apples of their cheeks but because I have a round face I blend my blush at a 45 degree angle, following the line of my cheek bones. This gives my face more shape but also is the best way to get blush noticed, in a good way. 
(What I also love about Chanel's blush in Frivole is that it smells like roses - my favourite scent!)

Normally when it comes to eye makeup I normaly just use a trusty mascara.
However,  fell in love with Chanel's waterproof eyeliner in 102 Beryl. I love the colour; the colour is a pearlescent soft violet and with pastels being back in this season it is perfect for spring. I applied the eyeliner to both my top and bottom lashes and making sure that my inner eye (tear duct area) was covered. This is because I have slightly small eyes so drawing attention to all three of these areas makes them appear wider and bigger. If you do this make sure you use an eyeliner in a similar colour to Beryl because it is this type of highlighting colour that does the trick, black simply wont do!

Finally on to the lips.
Firstly, before applying lip liner and lipstick, use a lip primer or lip balm to moisturise. This is the same sort of priniciple as using a face primer; not only will your lips be protected, they will also retain the lipstick colour for longer - if you are like me and drink lots of coffee then you will know the pain of having to reapply lipstick every 15 minutes so this is a good trick that I have.
After this it is time to apply lip liner. What I use is Chanel's precision lip definer in shade 59 Palissandre. This shade is a couple shades darker than my natural lip colour but this shouldn't matter because the colour was a similar shade to the lipstick used. (If you haven't used lip liner before use a shade close to your lip colour to begin with).
To use the lip liner softly follow the line of your natural lip - don't go any bigger than your natural lip line, just leave that to the professionals. Once you have done this fill in the space on the rest of your lips and then rub your lips together to make sure the colour of the lip liner is even. Once you have made this base then it is safe to apply lipstick. Using a lip liner before your lipstick is important because it helps to define the colour of your lipstick and make it stay on for longer. The lipstick colour that I use for a spring look is Chanel's Rouge Allure in shade 112 Fantasque. The colour is a soft, fleshy pink. You wouldn't expect this colour to stand out but because of the soft, satin appearance that it creates it gives you an ultra-feminine, sexy and stand out lip. To apply this lipstick I used a brush, that was on the other end of the lip liner, this is because the brush can get better coverage over your lips meaning that you don't end up missing any odd places. What is also good about the rouge allure is that it contains Shea butter and canola oil, giving the feel of softness but also comfort. ( most of the time I think that I am wearing lip balm rather than lipstick)

Viola! My Chanel spring makeup look.


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