Saturday, 30 March 2013

Make A Statement With JOLITA!

For a while now statement jewels have been a must have in the fashion world!
Most of the time it can, and does, look fab! (but sometimes it can look not so fab)
I am obsessed with statement jewellery, well I am now that I have discovered the edgy, independent jewellery label, Jolita.

Jolita jewellery is an independent jewellery label based in London that offers edgy bespoke designs for both men and women.
Jolita was born a few years ago from the dreams of the head designer. For about  a week the head designer, Algis, had been dreaming of a bracelet and by the end of the week he got a friend to take him to a suppliers and the bracelet was made in to reality. As soon as this happened he got his sister Jolita on board and the brand was born!

What I love about Jolita is that each piece is handmade in Algis' London studio and each piece is unique and individual. The influence of central American culture to the designs is what helps to make this uniquness and sets Jolita apart from any other brand; bright vibrant colours, hand dyed silks, and braided materials. There is a story behind each piece that is inspiring.

Check out a few of my favourite designs:

Picture Credit: Jolita Jewellery 

(If anyone is stuck on an engagement or graduation present for me then take note)

For further information and images check out the designs at Jolita.


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