Thursday, 14 March 2013

How to: Sushi

The other day I attempted to make sushi at home.
It's relatively easy so here is the 'how to' for making your own sushi.

Things you need:

Sushi Rice
Sushi Nori (dried seaweed)
Sesame seeds (either black or white)
Filling (I used cucumber and salmon)
Sushi Rolling Mat
Soy sauce (for garnish) 

Step 1:

Prepare the sushi rice as instructed on the packaging.
What I had to do was firstly wash the rice in a bowl a couple of times.
Then put the rice on the hob. 
Once the water and rice had come to the boil cover it with a lid and leave to simmer for 10 minutes.
After this take the rice of the heat and leave to stand with the lid covering it for a further 25-30 minutes.

Step 2:

Next prepare your fillings ready for the sushi.
Also now is a good time to lay the sushi rolling mat flat and place a piece of nori on top of it.

Step 3:

Now it is time to add the rice.
Most packets will say that before you add the rice to the nori you should season it.
But I found that you don't really need to do this as the sushi tastes fine without it.
With laying the rice down on to the nori you want to thinly cover it, making sure it's not too long as this will make it hard to roll.
Also make sure you leave around 1-2cms free around the edge as again this is vital for rolling!
At this stage you may also want to add sesame seeds to the rice.

Step 4:

Now to add the filling to your sushi.
As stated you can use any filling that you like.
I want for cucumber and salmon as this is what I had in the fridge.
For each filling you want to make a layer. Make sure each layer isn't too high in height as this will also make rolling difficult.
If you want to have lots of filling then just make the layers bigger in width rather than height.
Also make sure you make the layers in the same direction that you are going to roll the sushi.
(just a reminder as I nearly messed this stage up)

Step 5:

This might be the most difficult step but once you get the hand of it, it soon becomes very easy.
Rolling the sushi is made easier by the bamboo sushi rolling mat.
Pick up the mat and start to roll the sushi is your chosen direction.
As you are rolling the sushi make sure that you are putting pressure on to it so that it gets in to the right shape but also so the sushi sticks together and stays in place.
Once you have completely rolled the mat over with the sushi being rolled, press down on the mat and sushi for a good 5-10 seconds to make sure the sushi is in place.
Unroll the mat and you will see sushi.

Step 6:

Cut up the sushi roll in to little maki pieces.
Place on a plate, add some soy sauce and some chopsticks.
And Viola! 

Your sushi is now ready to eat.


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