Friday, 22 March 2013

Hairdryer Hood

This post has been a long time coming, but I have finally got round to writing it.
Most people are generally jealous of my hair because it is long and naturally straight.
However, this is a nightmare because it also means my hair is constantly flat and struggles to retain volume.
For a few years now I have had to use rollers over night in order to get some volume in my hair.
However, I do find that rollers are uncomfortable to sleep in.
It was recommended to me last year that I should try sleep-in rollers' new hairdryer hood.
I had nothing to loose in trying them so had them purchased over the new year.
The hairdryer hood is fantastic and is the only thing that will give my hair long lasting volume.
The hairdryer hood is perfect for creating big volume quickly.
Simply put in your rollers, spritz your hair, put the hood over your head and blast your hairdryer and you're done.

Hairdryer hood in action - How funny does it look?

How to use:

1. After preparing your hair (either freshly washed damp hair or dry hair) put all of your rollers in and spritz your hair with a heat protection spry and a little hairspray to hold the rollers in place. (I also used a light volume spray as well so that the result is intensified).
2. Place the pink hairdryer hood over your hair and then pull the black toggle as tight as you can, making sure that there are no gaps for the heat to escape.
3. Pull the white elastic over the trunk of your hairdryer. (be warned you need a slim hairdryer for the white elastic to stretch over as I had problems pulling it over my old hairdryer so went and purchased a new one)
4. Turn your hairdryer on to a low-medium setting and watch as the hood gradually expands with heat. Continue the hairdryer on this setting for around 10 minutes.
5. After this switch up the heat on your hairdryer for roughly 2-5 minutes so that the extra blast of heat can help set your hair.
6. You are now good to turn off your hairdryer and take off your hood and rollers. You can continue drying your hair for longer is you have longer to get ready or want even bigger volume. But 15 minutes is sufficient to turn your straight flat hair in to volume heaven!

Result of using the hairdryer hood!


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