Friday, 8 February 2013

The Goddess Guide

"Every girl's bible for living a fabulous life".

This quote sums up the book perfectly!

The Goddess Guide is by fashion guru Gisele Scanlon is a slim, quaintly decorated book about ... well about everything there is for a girl to know. The book is packed full of useful information and tips about fashion, beauty, style, relationships and travel; it really does cover everything from teeth whitening to interviews with designers to where is best in Paris to eat breakfast. 
The book has a traditional layout with each 'chapter' being dedicated to these different themes so you can read it like a traditional book or you can do what I do and every day chose a few pages at random and flick through - this is good because everyday you don't know what you are going to read and it is always a good surprise (you'll be surprised how much you learn from it). And that's what I have done, learnt so much from it already after only having the book for a few weeks now. Also what is even better about it is its appearance.This 'bible' is the cutest that I have. Every page is decorated and illustrated differently giving it a 'scrapbook' feel. Also I am in love with the hardback cover itself.

Filled with everything that you could ever think of, this book has combined hundreds of magazines in to one glorious guide for the ultimate goddess. I definitely recommend that if you haven't read this that you go buy it, you won't be disappointed!
This is without a doubt "every girl's bible for living a fabulous life".


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