Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Art Of Eating Well

It is February and by now many people who have the new years resolution of dieting and 'eating healthy' and starting to crack! This is because when it comes to dieting many people chose to follow diet regimes such as 'slimfast', 'atkins', or 'herbalife'. Though all 3 of these might make you lose weight but NONE of them are healthy for your body at all because they deprive you a calories and all important nutrients. I personally have never gone on a diet like this nor will I ever but I do think it is very important for you to eat well and eat healthy; if you do want to lose weight then combining this with exercise will be the key to natural and healthy weight loss but don't go too over board with obsessing with your weight. Working in fashion I am constantly surrounded by people dieting and obsessing with their weight but this really isn't me. I am all about eating and feeling healthy by making home-cooked healthy meals every night and doing pilates every other night.

With eating well and healthy people always associate it with disgusting, horrible tasting food but this is NOT the case. Recently I stumbled across a healthy eating and lifetsyle blog called Hemsley and Hemsley. Hemsley and Hemsley is firstly a healthy food business based in London that supply good, healthy home-cooked meals to celebrities all over the world. The business was founded by the two sisters Jasmine and Melissa last year. Since their business has become so popular they now run their own blog sharing their recipes with the rest of us so we can recreate them at home but they also include tips for a healthy lifestyle such as health weekend retreats and yoga poses of the month. What is also great about Hemsley and Hemsley is that Jasmine is a previous model so it shows that you can be involved in the fashion industry and provide a positive and healthy role model to the world; also since April last year many of their recipes have been featured on Vogue and they are regular nutritional columnists for the website.
Not any of the recipes from Hemsley and Hemsley but some of my own healthy eating food that I have cooked over the past month.
So far I have only tried out two of their recipes but I hope to try out some more soon and will keep you updated with reviews on them. Already I am very impressed with their recipes having only tried out their winter green smoothies and their spaghetti bolognese (instead of using normal spaghetti they use spiralled courgettes or 'courgetti' which is really nice and a lot lighter and healthier.) I definitely recommend that you all check out their blog and recipes and try them out for yourself too. They really do make you feel so good and if it is weight loss you are looking for combine their recipes with moderate exercise and soon you will notice a marked improvement in your health, body and weight. I just hope that they bring out a recipe book soon!


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