Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke

American designer Marc Jacobs takes over the role as Creative Director of Diet Coke for 2013.

Marc Jacobs gets in to role as he becomes the new Creative Director for Diet Coke

Overseeing his own label and also the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs has undertaken a new extra-curricular activity as the new Creative Director for Diet Coke. He has been handed the baton from the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier who last year transformed Diet Coke in to his trade mark looks. Jacobs has said that he feels "extremely privileged" to be asked to take on this role because he "admired the work of other designers who have participated in the project in the past."

Jacobs has already leaped in to the role and has starred in a photo booth parody of the iconic 'Diet Coke Break' ad. And ladies, trust me this is a definite watch with him taking off his clothes and revealing his colourful and quirky tattoos - for 49 he sure is buff!

Next month the limited edition bottles will go on sale. Expect to see designs inspired by the eighties, nineties, and noughties in order to celebrate 30 years of Diet Coke.

Stay tuned for more updates, and possibly more shirtless pictures of the American designer.


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