Friday, 25 January 2013

Monochrome Through Illustration

Monochrome is set to be a big trend again this year for Spring/Summer again.
(already today I have read 3 magazine articles focusing on monochrome).
So what better way to celebrate the return of monochrome then to look at it's history over the past few years.
The way I have done this is looking at the illustrations by fashion designer/artist Tanya Ling.
I originally came across Tanya's work on Vogue and I checked out her website and was blown away.
I am really interested in art and fashion through the eyes of art, this is properly because I cannot draw at all!
Tanya Ling is both an amazing designer and illustrator and is very well known and established in fashion since  her first art exhibition was shown in 1996 and her first pret-a-porter line was showcased in 2002. 
She has continued to both draw and design and below is some of my favourite illustrations by her that are all about monochrome.

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos, all are from Tanya Ling's website)

To learn more about Tanya visit her website and to see more of his art work visit her blog.


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