Thursday, 24 January 2013

Black Pearl Nails

Okay so here is my attempt at applying black nail pearls

I have had these in my beauty basket for a good few months now but I have only just got round to trying them out. A couple of weeks ago my housemate tried out hers and they looked amazing so I thought I would give it a go. I have been in love with this nail look for a good while now, ever since ciaté released their caviar manicure last year but at £18 a bottle I didn't want to risk spending money on something that wasn't worth it so thankfully I stumbled across these nail pearls in Claire's accessories for £5. - Note for copyright reasons I am calling this look Black Pearls rather than caviar because early in summer 2012 ciaté were not happy about bloggers doing their own d.i.y. 'caviar manicure' because ciaté had coined the phrase for their products only.
Okay, enough talking and more painting nails!

Firstly I shaped my nails with my nail file (this is because I hadn't done it in a while but you don't have to) and then I applied a nail polish to my first finger nail. The colour I used was a berry shade from boots no.7 because I thought it would look good shining through the black pearls (but also I had lost my tasty black nail polish from L'oreal). You can apply any colour you like but I recommend anything but a clear colour.

Now it is time to apply the pearls to your nails whilst they are still wet. The pearls go everywhere so I recommend that you do this at a dressing table and put a piece of paper underneath your hand to catch the excess pearls. This way you can get the bottle and literally pour it over your nail until covered. Then you want to push down the pearls slightly on to your nail and brush away any extra.

Now time to put the excess pearls back in to the jar as you don't want to use any. The set should come with a small funnel so you put this in to the jar and pick up the paper and drain back in. Hopefully you shouldn't lose too many beads by doing it this way. 

Repeat all of the steps above and viola! you will have your very own black pearl nails.

(I have to admit this is a little time consuming and after a few days the pearls start to come away so I personally recommend that you do this for special occasions because after all pearls may be a girls best friend but they are always best when worn on those special evenings)


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