Friday, 4 January 2013

Best Beauty Buys of 2012

Valentino: Valentina Eau de Parfum, Vaseline Pink Bubbly, James Brown Intensive Moisture Mask, Boots Glycerin and Rosewater, Pixi Cosmetics: Line Relax Serum, Clinique High Impact Mascara, Chanel Eye Shadow, Lulu Guinness Makeup Bag

Valentino, Valentina Eau de Parfum: This is my second fragrance from Valentino that I have fallen in love with. It is a true classic feminine perfume but it has a modern fun twist that only the Italians could master. This has become my staple perfume that I wear day to day but I still wear it for a special occasion. I love that there is a real mix of both floral and oriental flavours and I think that's what makes it a perfume for any occasion; I love the mix containing base notes of cedar wood and amber with highlights of orange blossom and strawberry.

Vaseline, Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy: Vaseline lip therapy is always a staple of mine. I have used Vaseline for as long as I can remember but ever since the lip balm giant launched their limited edition tin in September 2012 I found myself even more hooked. Champagne is pure luxury and elegance and this is exactly what this Vaseline is in a tin.

James Brown, Intensive Moisture Mask: When it comes to beauty many people take care of their skin but always forget about their hair. I do occasionally use my hairdryer and my flat iron and generally my hair gets knotty in the winter because of it's length, this moisture mask from James Brown combats all of that. This intensive moisture mask is infused with soy protein and white tea to calm the scalp as well as shea butter  which re-hydrates your hair. I use this mask on my hair once every week and it is just what my hair needs, leaving it smooth, soft and re-hydrated. It is like a facial for the hair.

Boots Traditional Skincare, Glycerin and Rosewater: Again like Vaseline this is one of my beauty must haves. I naturally have really dry skin, especially in winter, so I struggle to find products that don't dry it out. This glycerin and rosewater product from boots is the perfect toner to use before applying face cream. It moisturises and softens my skin without drying it out or making it feel oily. It is also perfect for refreshing your skin in the morning and it also leaves you smelling good too.

Pixi Cosmetics, Line Relax Serum: It's only within the past two years that I was introduced to Pixi cosmetics via my mum's friend but I have fallen in love with their skincare and pre-makeup products. When looking at the bottle you would automatically presume that this is an anti-aging product, but of course I am 20 so I'm not quite there yet. Pixi's line relax serum is perfect as a pre-primer and should definitely be used in your morning makeup routine. It smooths out your skin and de puffs any tired patches giving you that all important wake up call at the beginning of the day. My trick to using it is in the summer months keep the serum in the fridge as each morning it will give your face a cool refreshing kick start to the day.

Clinique, High Impact Mascara: Anyone who knows me knows that I have very sensitive eyes, especially in the summer when it is sunny and windy by the coast. For ages I struggled to wear mascara in the summer because it became too heavy on my eyes, making them water leaving the mascara to trickle down my face. Clinique is the only brand that I have found so far that does not do this to me, even when abroad on holiday. This mascara lengthens the lashes and fills them out without making them look false. All that is needed is just one coat, even if wearing as part of an evening look.

Chanel, Eye Shadow in Sand: I am always one for looking natural, I really dislike the false look. This eye shadow from Chanel is prefect for creating that perfect natural looking day look. My natural skin colour is very pale so I opted for a nude colour that was slightly darker than my skin colour so that my eyes would still pop but it would still look natural at the same time. What is also good about the eye shadow is the fact that it stays on your skin all day. Normally most eye shadows need reapplying throughout the day but this one does not, this is definitely worth the investment.

Lulu Guinness, Makeup Bag: Okay, so this isn't technically a beauty product but I need somewhere to store everything and this is it. This makeup bag isn't the biggest but I use it to hold all of my makeup essentials that I use everyday in my routine and it is perfect for that. It also looks super cute so I don't mind having to carry around my makeup bag with me in case I need a quick touch up after a long day at uni or my internship.


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